Beach Inspired Gifts & Art


Welcome to the Marjorie’s website, which features my original shell art designs along with beautiful products created from photographs of my art.  As the 2022 spring/summer season approaches, I am making changes to these selections as it is time for change…

* You will see new pricing in the Art category due to new framing costs.  I am exploring alternative frame styles, hoping to be able to adjust some pricing, but for now this is the pricing for the frames pictured.

* You will see a modified line of gift options as I simplify and streamline the range of items sold.

Nothing has changed in my desire to create with shells…Art and designing brings me joy.  It is just time to limit and focus!

Walking the beaches of my life continues to inspire and replenish me.  It is not only about  gathering shells, it is about everything I see and hear at the beach…I lose myself when my feet are walking the shoreline.  As I wrote in the poem “Beach Path” in my published book, Beach Bound

“It only takes a moment to follow a path leading to the shore.

When I leave this cherished beach time my heart always longs for more.”

(Did you not know I wrote a book???  Check it out in the Boutique on this site.  It has been a successful and rewarding endeavor.)

Please know that any of the original art pieces can be personalized in design and by adding words.  Just email/text/call me and I will gladly discuss any options with you to make your purchase very special.

Off to walk along the shoreline of Cape Cod.  May you be healthy and happy in the days ahead!

Marjorie “Midge” Webb Dey

Designer & Artist & Writer