Oils, Pastels, Watercolors? No, Shells are my Medium!

I work with sand, shells & beach stones like many other people – but my drive has been to elevate this shell work into an art form. Just as “Sailor’s Valentines” garner respect for their intricate shell patterns, my designs are unique in their own way.  This is not a slight at the craft of designing with shells, because when I apply shells to frames or add them to wreaths it is those craft skills that are being used.  What distinguishes my original art pieces are the details &  intricacies of the design.

I walk the beaches of my life & gather gifts that the waves have left behind.  With these treasures designs are created that bring me joy.  Not a piece is put in place without artistic thought for shape, color & flow –  this all takes time.  The finishing touch is the framing – which has been carefully selected to compliment the piece.  The shadowbox frame allows there to be depth to the placement of shells – creating texture, definition & dimension.

The hope is that this brief explanation will help you understand my art a bit more.  Each year my collection grows as new images are added to keep the line fresh.

An artist is never finished……..Midge




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