Sand Time

I was born at the beach, Atlantic City, NJ.  We lived just a block from the ocean and so my childhood was spent playing in the sand.  Seems like these early years were formative for me as I have not been able to get my feet off the beach since!  Looking back at the “old” photographs and digging in my memories, the beach has always been a place that inspired me…

Most of my shell creations begin with a sand base.  This forms the design shape which then is arranged with shells from my collection.  I have sand in glass containers from various beaches in my life and they are all different in texture, size and color.  Some days in my studio I am reminded of time playing in my childhood sandbox – sand flying everywhere!

Now living on Cape Cod, it is the beach that inspires my writing and designs. Please enjoy this snippet from a poem written with a sand-filled cherished memory of family time at the beach.  Off to walk the beach, Midge

Parents and children working side by side,

A stately castle created…until the incoming tide.

Lessons are learned in this time on the beach,

Now I yearn for those years, so out of reach.

Enjoy these cherished moments knee-deep in the sand,

For its memories, not castles, that forever stand.


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April Showers

I absolutely love working in my studio on rainy days such as this.  It is a gift of time time to stay inside and get creative before May comes and the gardens beckon.  Now is when I focus on my website and design new original art pieces that will be introduced to you soon. (Can not wait to share with you my newest idea.)  Springtime blessings, Midge

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Oils, Pastels, Watercolors? No, Shells are my Medium!

I work with sand, shells & beach stones like many other people – but my drive has been to elevate this shell work into an art form. Just as “Sailor’s Valentines” garner respect for their intricate shell patterns, my designs are unique in their own way.  This is not a slight at the craft of designing with shells, because when I apply shells to frames or add them to wreaths it is those craft skills that are being used.  What distinguishes my original art pieces are the details &  intricacies of the design.

I walk the beaches of my life & gather gifts that the waves have left behind.  With these treasures designs are created that bring me joy.  Not a piece is put in place without artistic thought for shape, color & flow –  this all takes time.  The finishing touch is the framing – which has been carefully selected to compliment the piece.  The shadowbox frame allows there to be depth to the placement of shells – creating texture, definition & dimension.

The hope is that this brief explanation will help you understand my art a bit more.  Each year my collection grows as new images are added to keep the line fresh.

An artist is never finished……..Midge




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Moon Glow

Want to share this poem I wrote several years ago…..the first full moon of 2015 was spectacular last eve!!


I chased the moon tonight, or did the moon chase me?

Looking out my window, standing on tiptoe to see.

It begged me to come view it as it hid behind a tree.

So to the beach I hurried, to watch it rise above the sea.

Ducking behind a cloud swiftly moving left to right,

I watched its filtered glow on this clear and starry night.

Suddenly out upon the water, sparkling on the darkened sea,

A path called me to journey – to dance ‘tween the moon and me.

Marjorie Webb Dey


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Small is BIG!

I love to shop for gifts – always have – even before there was a Marjorie’s.  My gift drawer is full of special selections, gathered year-round, waiting for the right time to present.  One thing I have learned about myself is that I love to give tiny gifts – either little in size or value – because they hold a smile or a memory that is larger than life.  These small, but significant, treasures tell the recipient that an event was remembered or a wish was heard…Christmas stockings in my family are filled to overflowing with items such as these!

With that thought in mind, the homepage of this website has been redone to feature the tiniest item in my line.  These four ornaments, all designed using my original art, could be the ideal gift for so many on your list.  One of these selections could be your perfect tiny gift, representing so much more than the image it bears.  Also know that these ornaments do not have to be an ornament – they can be displayed anywhere someone wishes to be reminded of what the gift represents to them – priceless tiny art.

Many treasures are wrapped from my gift drawer at the holidays, but it never empties…..

Bottomless Blessings from my home to yours,




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Lighten Up!

Lighten the load

when to the beach we go.

Life there is calm

the daily pace is slow.

Out come our whites

shorts, swimsuits – sandals too!

Keep the look so simple

no time to fuss with shoes.

It really is quite lovely

Unencumbered time by the sea.

The beach bag is full of goodies

but only joy dwells in me!




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Reunion Reflection

I just returned from my 48th high school reunion in Moorestown, NJ.  It was wonderful to see so many friends who were part of those special years.  As we are all in our 60′s now, many retired, the conversations were focused on what people were doing with their lives – now.  How lucky I felt on two fronts:  to have embraced art in my life and to live by the sea.  ”Art saves lives” my dear friend, Sue, likes to say and I add that being able to walk a beach breathes new life into a soul too.  It was interesting to me that many of my classmates have also retreated to a coast, a river or a lake.

As I reflect on this reunion, may we all be forever young at heart, creative in spirit, interesting in thought, supportive in friendship and honest in our words.  May the wisdom of our generation be appreciated and respected.  The fifties and sixties were incredible years to experience, and gathered together as a class Saturday eve, they were honored once again.  Those were good years.

Off to walk, or maybe dance, along the sandy shoreline of my life……………….Midge

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Message in a Bottle

Have you ever received a message,
In a bottle washed up on shore?

Now you will be the recipient of one,
Hopefully checking back here for more!

This “Message in a Bottle” blog
Is how I will reach out to you.

With who knows what I will write about,
But it will be funny, thoughtful and true.


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