Sand Time

I was born at the beach, Atlantic City, NJ.  We lived just a block from the ocean and so my childhood was spent playing in the sand.  Seems like these early years were formative for me as I have not been able to get my feet off the beach since!  Looking back at the “old” photographs and digging in my memories, the beach has always been a place that inspired me…

Most of my shell creations begin with a sand base.  This forms the design shape which then is arranged with shells from my collection.  I have sand in glass containers from various beaches in my life and they are all different in texture, size and color.  Some days in my studio I am reminded of time playing in my childhood sandbox – sand flying everywhere!

Now living on Cape Cod, it is the beach that inspires my writing and designs. Please enjoy this snippet from a poem written with a sand-filled cherished memory of family time at the beach.  Off to walk the beach, Midge

Parents and children working side by side,

A stately castle created…until the incoming tide.

Lessons are learned in this time on the beach,

Now I yearn for those years, so out of reach.

Enjoy these cherished moments knee-deep in the sand,

For its memories, not castles, that forever stand.


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